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It was the cause of about 6,078 deaths in a year in the 15 to 24 age group.

Bullied victims are 7 to 9 per cent more likely to consider suicide according to a study by Yale University.

In the last few years a string of suicides in the United States and around the world has called attention to this problem.

This article looks at suicides in relation to both physical bullying and cyber bullying. Many parents view bullying as simply a part of growing up. It can easily escalate from one or two incidents, and becomes a regular problem.

The Bible has plenty of lurid tales that artists have adapted down the centuries – think Judith, think Samson – but they tend to be found in the Old Testament.

John the Baptist’s imprisonment and beheading is an Old Testament-style story that is actually in the New Testament, in Mark and Matthew, written in typically concise style.

The woman who dances for Herod and then demands the prophet’s head on a platter was only named as Salome 100 years after Jesus’s death.Even without further research, we already know a few big things about the Millennials.Throughout 2010, the Pew Research Center will use a series of new nationwide surveys, supplemented by our analysis of government demographic economic and education data, to probe more deeply into these and other Millennial personality traits.soon it is a steady barrage of demeaning incidents on a regular occasion.Suicide is the second leading cause of death for 10 to 34 year olds, according to the Center for Disease Control.

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