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At their meeting, Ha-Ra pretends to be Hye-Jin and tells Sung-Joon that she is leaving for England the next day to study. It is not because their lack on acting skill, but it just simply because their character. But I think the character of adult Kim Hye Jin very annoying. Why continue watching a drama if you think it would be a waste of your time? I miss the thrilling wednesday/thursday feel I had every week .. Have a nice day ^^ & Kpop Fans Please watch Vixx new Offocial Music Video Chained up in Youtube.. Thankyou for teaching me true love, courage, honesty, friendship, sincerity, sacrifice, patience, determination, believe, confidence, and most importantly beauty do come from inside us. I read some hate comment before in silence but this is just too much.. Go back to watching your paint dry and leave this show to people who know a good kdrama when they see one. i shipped seong joon and hye jin SO BAD until that rain episode when shin yuk came and get injured it jusy broke my heart and he keep charming me. now seong joon and hye jin is together, with the same kdrama cliche we already now what is going to be happen.

Later, Hye-Jin, as an intern at a fashion magazine, meets Sung-Joon who is an editor at the fashion magazine. The change of Sung Joo behaviour for instant, once he realized who Ji Hye is, doesn't seem real. I love both PSJ and UJH, but I haven't finished this drama, because the story did not going smooth. Over reaction, too stupid and the way she spoke in a loud voice so annoying. And Park seo joon oppa omg youre my current man crush, love you oppa i can't wait for your next project The Comment before me .. I think 98% of viewers really love & enjoy this drama.know this drama is amazing..because we watch it since 1st episode.went through so much pain together .they are some people who hate it..just throw some random opinion.. If you don't like it just state you don't like it.. i really hope for a surprise ending and dont care anymore if its not a happy ending. but aaaaaah so dissampointed because i LOVE this drama so much but it has no fun now :") I love every second from this drama. I cannot believe i shed tears from watching 15th episode. For kdrama lovers, its recommended, I show this drama to 6 of my friends, and 6 of them love it, and become crazier than I am.

And now, just thinking of the drama brings a cheerful, happy feeling to my heart. The two little girls, Bang Joon-seo and Kim Yoo-bin were darling. Don't Want to sound like an hysterical fan girl but i have to admit that Choi Siwon Is The Most Handsome man i've ever seen in my life OMLady! Wish could have seen further down the road, like the wedding but the report Min-Woo did was good too. (^_^) I fell in love with this Drama, Especially Si Won and Chae Rim... i mean fans and media that dont accept some relationship between famous people and "inappropriate" people (by the eyes of those fans and media).

The happy smiles of Choi Si-won and Chae Rim while they played their roles left a strong, lasting impression. This is The best drama i've ever watched so far :) Nice Plot And It's hella Funny Too^^ The Acting was also very GOOD.. after The Greatest Love and Oh My Lady, i've wondered if things like that happen for real in Korea.. funny drama,but im not happy to the ending, must be 20 epi, Chae rim is a good actress, for choi siwon although ist time as a leading man, he did his best to this drama. This is The best drama i've ever watched so far :) Nice Plot And It's hella Funny Too^^ The Acting was also very GOOD..

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The group’s official fan-club is named as S♥NE (소원) pronounced as in Korean.To know more about this exciting and meaningful event, make sure to follow All Access Productions on these social media sites: Facebook: https:// Access Prod PH/ Twitter: @allaccessprodph Instagram: @allaccessproduction Website: Prices range from SVIP – P8925, VIP – P6825, Gold – P4725, Silver – P3150, and Gen Ad – P1575.Girls’ Generation had their official debut stage on August 5, 2007 with their first single “Into the New World”.The group has released two albums and various singles, which went on to achieve commercial success.

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