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By Dr Chris Armstrong, Belfast In 2014, the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology (CCRCB) in Belfast became part of a Movember Centre of Excellence together with researchers and clinicians at the University of Manchester.

The primary focus of this partnership is on recurrent prostate cancer, improving methods of detection and personalised treatment.

We held events including a spin-a-thon outside the Cancer Centre, a moustache-themed bake sale, a manly pub quiz and a pedometer challenge, where we challenged participants to take over 100,000 steps in two weeks.

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"We have proof of all of these, we ran a couple of them in the paper on Sunday and at one stage Mr Berry actually texted his photograph to this gay man, who we shall call Gary. I saw the evidence of that every day growing up in a house full of love.And that stability helped me and my sister to flourish and have confidence that we be whoever we wanted to be.How we – as a country – needed to wipe away the last legal barrier that said gay people were lesser than their peers. In Scotland we’d had much of the same debate as I’ve seen in other countries.The same fears to overcome, the same religious elements to opposition.

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