Selected value not updating gridview rowupdating new value

In v1.0.0, you can pass the value back in as a "full option." In this case, you are not simply passing in the value, but rather the value combined with the label.

For my async select components, I use a get Value method.

could you give an example on "the actual value has to be passed back in as a prop"?

The code in question is in the dbml file: [Column(Storage = "_Fitter", Db Type = "NVar Char(100)")] public string Fitter Would anyone know why this new model property I added is not being hit when I try to edit the page? I have deleted the designer file, and re-added the updated database table to the Model.

I could use the querystring to do this but I dont think thats the way its meant to work. you can use the query string...its better you store the value in a session because storing simple string values in session is recommended than storing heavy datatables or so.....unlike querystring, session values will never be shown in url also...its secure too.

you can use the line just above msgbox statement also include your code in block : if not ispostback then end if actually wht happened is u wrote ur code directly in the pag_load n every time ur page gost postback ur dropdown got refilled n it is giving u the illusion it is not changing value of selectedindex change i m writing in C# convert in VB put all ur code in the if(! Is Post Back) block so that ur dropdown will be filled once n wil persist the data n upon change the index u wil be able to see the changing value hope this helps If I put all the code in a 'if not page.ispostback' then nothing will load the next time the page loads after autopostback, I think I am going to have to use the querystring or session variable if I can not find a simple solution.

if i m not understanding ur prob clearly explain again...

thanks, but nothing (not even the dropdownlistbox) is displayed at all if you put all that code in an if not page.ispostback in codebehind after the postback. ) you need to databind it and fill it with user names. Without view state the dropdown list will be empty.

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