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It was in that vein that professional old-people scarers FOX News weighed in, trying to dismantle the crazy idea that fewer guns equals less gun violence with all the calm, reasoned thinking of a pack of dogs running after an ice-cream truck.

Specifically, they attacked the increasingly-invoked example of Australia, a country that responded to a massacre of its citizens in a grown-up way, by claiming that we somehow have less freedom than a country where protest is restricted to designated Free Speech Zones.

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The mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon last week has sparked off a chain reaction that’s entirely predictable by now, given how many times this has happened before.

Like he does every time there’s a mass killing, President Barack Obama called on lawmakers to enact stricter regulations on gun ownership and sales, and like clockwork the USA’s resident gun nuts, conservative hot air balloons and general fuckery practitioners began shrieking blue murder about the government taking away people’s “freedom” to buy a military-grade assault rifle off the rack with no background checks.

“The other side of the that argument, of course, is — and what people always throw out there — is look at Australia,” co-host Clayton Morris said.

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Today, following a year long court battle, all criminal charges and fines against the three have been thrown out of court.

Interestingly, the judge ruled that "fuck" is now part of everyday vernacular, as proven by common, inoffensive phrases like “you fucking beauty”. Should protesters be free to use any language they like during peaceful demonstrations?

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