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I had no idea who she was because by that time I had already turned my back on sit-coms (which I still don’t watch today). I liked the fact that the title character was artistic, creative, emotional and smart – much like me and my friends were. It wasn’t long before the pictures of Jenna Von Oy were taken down, and she left my subconscious quickly. I was suddenly filled with the thought, “Oh yeah, Jenna Von Oy! The first thing I was greeted by was a smiling Jenna Von Oy wearing a big cowboy hat. It didn’t surprise me that I had never heard of this show.

I don’t know why, but something about her grabbed me and I thought she was absolutely delicious. I cut pictures of her out of the TV Guide and hung them on my bedroom wall. I wonder whatever happened to her.” So began my search for the girl in the big hat. First, I don’t get UPN and second, I hate modern sit-coms.

Anyhow, during the episode there was an obscure joke made about a character called “Von Oy”. Perhaps it’s been a while since you have even thought of Bialik’s “Blossom” co-star Jenna Von Oy who played Blossom’s best friend, Six Le Meure. However, it got me thinking: Exactly who was, and who is, the girl that was once under the big hat… Why do I care about the career and whereabouts of Jenna Von Oy? It was as if in every episode she had overdosed on pixie-stix filled with crack and talked a billion miles a minute. Perhaps that’s why my crush on Jenna Von Oy was short and unmemorable. Inside the web site was a bit of information on Jenna’s career as well as many pictures (we’ll get to those in a moment) but what I was surprised to find out is that Jenna has actually been working all these years.

Well, for a split second in the early nineties I am going to have to admit that I had a bit of a crush on the pudgy little spaz. I first saw Jenna’s picture in an issue of TV Guide wearing a pin-striped vest and that big frikkin’ hat. Jenna Von Oy never really had much influence on me – not like Susan Dey, Shannon Doherty, Nancy Sinatra or Diana Rigg did. I do expect that most actresses who have dropped off the face of the earth will at least do a guest spot or two, but Jenna had been co-staring on a show called “The Parkers” which ran five seasons on UPN.

"It’s always a treat to be surrounded by people you respect so much both personally and professionally.” His "Kirstie" appearance is scheduled to tape in early August, and is slated to air later on in the season following the comedy's December 4 premiere.

And ‘cause I like doin’ it, it’s even more wrong because we’ve fought for years as women to do the same things that men are doing.’ What’s more interesting is that Chuck seems to have a hard time saying what exactly is ‘wrong’ with Nicki Minaj displaying her sexuality.And it’s hard for me to think about anything else," he said.Rightwing rocker Ted Nugent, who supported Texas Sen. " He's seen here at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2016. He was just offered Russian citizenship by Trump admirer and judo-loving Vladimir Putin on Nov. This was after Seagal was granted Serbian citizenship earlier in 2016, also for his martial arts activism.Let’s face it: next to beanpole Blossom, Six was downright voluptuous. She’s always the friend and never the star I guess. As George Reeves once said, “God damn typecasting.” Besides that, Jenna’s resume wasn’t stellar but it had other work on it: “Chicago Hope”, “Cold Case”, “7th Heaven” and some animated voice-overs on Disney’s “Pepper Anne” and “What About Andy?” It was good to see that she hadn’t just disappeared and was still able to put food on her table.

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