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This time my wife Ann was home, so she was with me. She and I have talked fantasies while 'getting it on' a time or two, but neither of us have made a move to act on them." ... But I guess that's information only a husband would know. Of course her quiet, sultry voice doesn't hurt either. She is generous with her body and I can count on sex almost any time I express an interest. well like this is the first time for all of us." "I don't think it's going to work but your slick Latin smile indicates otherwise." You Norte Americano's always think you are sooo savvy." The girls were not in the living room. " Now speaking toward the bedroom she continued, "Ann you are too nice for these thugs, but come on, show them your new blouse." Ann tentatively entered the living room. She was wearing a sheer red blouse like Karla's and form fitting. I whispered, "WOW." While impolitely staring at her crotch and butt as she turned a circle for us. " A smiling Ann responded, "If my mumbling husband would quit looking at my crotch, I'd like to sit down and have my drink now." I tried to steal another look at Ann, but she was watching me, so I was busted.

Ann and I met Karla and Arno at the monthly Clubhouse wine tasting party. She is near sighted and wears contact lenses, causing her eyes have a large and deep quality that is appealing. She has a good appetite for things sexual and knows how to 'get me going'. Arno and I sipped our drinks and talked about 'safe' subjects. She had changed cloths and was now wearing a stunning dark red silky blouse and a short black skirt. She will follow you to the ends of the earth." Arno laughed. "My God Ann." Arno exclaimed, "you have a perfect butt!

Port of Aruba Aruba is a 19 miles (30 km)- long island of the Lesser Antilles in the southern Caribbean Sea.

It's a mere 15 miles (24 km) from the coast of Venezuela.

Some things she just won't do, but if she decides yes, it will be all the way. My wife Ann is a genuine tall blonde, with long hair and a nice figure she struggles to keep. She rarely wore tight pants because 'It makes my butt look big' regardless of what I said.

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She thinks it's her idea." "You and she are really O. The plan was to get Karla to call and setup a dinner. Now, thinking of the very different Karla, one particular 'tool' got my cradle rocking. I put several items in a bag along with a bottle of wine and we headed for Karla and Arno's.

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On a clear day the Venezuelan mainland is visible from the south-eastern coast.

Together with Bonaire and Curaçao, it forms a group referred to as the ABC islands of the Leeward Antilles, the southern island chain of the Lesser Antilles.

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