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Our courses address issues with alcohol, marijuana, unmanaged anger, bullying, sexual assault, domestic violence, abuse, impulse control, and theft.

We have been serving courts, probation and diversion programs, treatment centers, community agencies, colleges, and secondary schools since 1999.® offers you powerful solutions that put the power of forensics in your hands.

A sting in which police teamed up with "Dateline NBC" to catch online pedophiles was supposed to send a flinty-eyed, Texas-style warning about this Dallas suburb: Don't mess with Murphy. One of the 25 men caught in the sting — a prosecutor from a neighboring county — committed suicide when police came to arrest him.

The Murphy city manager who approved the operation lost his job in the ensuing furor.

He strives to prove there was not probable cause for the arrest and utilizes defenses such as entrapment for his clients.

And the district attorney is refusing to prosecute any of the men, saying many of the cases were tainted by the involvement of amateurs.

"Certainly these people should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but the fact that this was all done for television cameras raises some questions," said Mayor Bret Baldwin.

Jean yelled for someone to come help, knowing their pimp would be furious: No trick, no money.

Then she slipped out the house's red front door to calm her nerves with a cigarette.

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