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When I interviewed professional makeup artist, Ariane Poole, I knew that I wanted to demystify makeup for older women. But, we do care about looking our best and feeling great.

I wanted to help women our age to get the most from their makeup products, using simple techniques. One of the biggest myths about aging is that older women no longer care about how they look. Makeup is only one very small part of our appearance, but, for many women it can be a fun way to play with our look.

Most of all, I wanted the women in our community to look and feel their best. When I looked around, I noticed that there were no makeup tips videos designed for women over 50.

So, I teamed up with celebrity makeup artist, Ariane Poole to create a makeup tips video series just for us.

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UPDATE: As of August 2016, Ariana Grande is dating Mac Miller!

There have been major reviews of the scientific literature that found no link between nitrates or nitrites and human cancers, or even evidence to suggest that they may be carcinogenic. It may surprise you to learn that the vast majority of nitrate/nitrite exposure comes not from food, but from endogenous sources within the body.

Further, recent research suggests that nitrates and nitrites may not only be harmless, they may be beneficial, especially for immunity and heart health. (1) In fact, nitrites are produced by your own body in greater amounts than can be obtained from food, and salivary nitrite accounts for 70-90% of our total nitrite exposure.

Many conventional doctors, and well-meaning friends and relatives, will say you’re basically asking for a heart attack or cancer by eating the food many Paleo enthusiasts lovingly refer to as “meat candy”.

The belief that nitrates and nitrates cause serious health problems has been entrenched in popular consciousness and media.

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